Doing Business in a Connected World

Elementor India
Sat, Oct 23, 4:00 PM (IST)

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About this event

Hello Web Creators 👋

Our next Meetup will focus on how we do business in a connected world. Websites have become paramount for establishing a brand, and with COVID-19 the world has changed the way they do business. 🌍

What are we doing to be part of this global change and how Elementor plays a critical role in helping us achieve these goals?

We will have our Hosts speaking about how critical Elementor is in their businesses:

  • Add-on plugins by Alkesh
  • Digital Marketing by Rahul
  • Creating recurring income by Ankush
Followed by our always entertaining Q&A. ​

See you there! ✌️

Jai Hind

If you would like to contribute by speaking about how Elementor plays a crucial role in your business or you are a freelancer looking at talking about how you use it to generate income, please feel free to reach out to one of the hosts.

Let's unite and share, learn and support one another. If you want to help grow the Elementor Meetup community please invite your colleagues and friends that use Elementor or want to know more about it. 


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