How to Build A Scalable Website? An Elementor Case Study

Elementor Community Talks
Wed, Jul 21, 2021, 12:00 PM (EDT)

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About this event

This is a must-visit event for web designers. Website redesign is an exciting opportunity to infuse your brand with a fresh perspective. However, launching a new website is a large endeavor and requires lots of coordination and collaboration across various teams.

In this event, Kaia Vaughn, an Elementor community leader and director of web development at Ringofire, will host the part of the team that recently revamped the Elementor website: Jey Tsymbaluk - web designer, Roy Eyal - Elementor specialist, and Asaf Rotstain - Elementor specialist. The team will share the story behind the new Elementor website and the long-term vision to build a website that is 100% Elementor based.

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  • Kaia Vaughn

    Kaia Vaughn

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    Tali Vasilevsky


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    Roni Ezra Friedman- Elementor Team


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